Below are the rules for the SOTA ZL3 Association activation award.


1. To encourage amateurs to get out and activate SOTA summits regardless of the height, difficulty and points value of a summit.

2. To recognise the number of activations carried out by an individual amateur without reference to height, difficulty and points value of the summits activated.


3. An “activation” is making four qsos from any designated SOTA summit in the ZL3 Association. The ZL3 Association Reference Manual which lists the summits is here 

4. “UTC Rollover” is in New Zealand time, 12pm on a day when New Zealand is observing Standard Time and 1pm on a day when New Zealand is observing Daylight Saving Time. 


5. A ZL3 Association certificate will be awarded on application to any amateur who activates 25 summits in the ZL3 Association in accordance with these rules.  Certificates will also be available for 50 and 75 summits activated as well as:

(a) mode or band specific claims, e.g. all CW, all 40m etc;

(b) age specific claims i.e. 60-69 years, 70-79 years, 80+ years;

(c) unique summits activated. 

6. A trophy maybe claimed (for a fee) by a person who activates 100 summits.


7. Except as modified in these rules an activation must be carried out in accordance with the ZL3 Association Reference Manual and the SOTA General Rules (

8. A summit may be activated twice in a calendar year (New Zealand time) to count for the award; once in the first six months of the year and once in the second six months of the year.  

9. Notwithstanding clause 8 an activation whereby four QSOs are made prior to the UTC Rollover and four QSOs are made after the UTC Rollover shall count as two activations on the following days:  

(a) The Andrew White ZL3CC Memorial SOTA Day (the Saturday in September nearest Andrew’s birthday); and

(b) 1 January.

10. To avoid doubt winter bonus points for activations are not relevant for this award.

11. To be eligible for the  award you must upload your activations to the SOTA Database ( – registration required.

12. Applications for the award can be made by email to the ZL3 Canterbury Association Manager Don MacDonald ZL3DMC,, setting out a list of the activations the applicant is claiming as valid for the award.  The award will be sent in pdf format. 

13. The award shall commence on 1 June 2019 so only activations after that date shall count.