ZL2AL Honour RollWith ZL in lock down for four weeks, Geoff ZL3GA has resurrected the Lee Jennings Activity marathon.  Last held in 2016, the goal is simple: see how many days you can have four or more QSOs on any of the MF/HF bands, 630m to 6m from 4 April 2020 to 31 December 2020. A minimum of 50 days will qualify you for a Bronze Certificate, 100 days Silver, 200 days Gold and 300 days Platinum. This is not a contest so the only requirement for a QSO is to log a call sign and signal report. After that the QSO can be as long or as short as you please. All HF QSOs using any mode count including ZL to ZL QSOs. You can also count all QSOs you make with a branch or club call sign (although you will need to obtain an extract of the log showing the QSOs you make).

If the challenge of four QSOs a day is not enough then there is the opportunity to endorse your award by making your QSOs on a single band, or using a single mode, operating QRP, or for working 100 or more DXCC entities. Do you want to explore propagation on a certain band, improve your CW skills, or work as many different entities as you can during the year? This award will (I hope) give you an incentive to do this. In fact you could do a combination of all of them e.g. 17m CW while operating QRP and aiming for 100 countries.

Logs will be required to be sent to Geoff ZL3GA at the end of the year, preferably in ADIF format, although paper logs will be accepted. You do not need to extract the four QSOs for each day you wish to count from your log and send them as one file (although that would be helpful).

With the blessing of his family, the award has been named after Lee Jennings ZL2AL SK who was a very active HF operator, friend and mentor to many. He loved to encourage people to get active, set goals and then help them strive to achieve them which is what this award is all about.

The Rules:

Date: 0000z Saturday 4 April 2020 to 2359z Thursday 31 December 2020 UTC 

  1. Object: To make a minimum of four QSOs per day for as many days as you can during the period
  2. Bands: All MF & HF bands 630m to 6m including the WARC bands 
  3. Modes: All modes permitted e.g. CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8, FT4 and any other digital mode
  4. Meaning of QSO: A completed two way QSO with an amateur station swapping as a minimum Callsigns and a signal report appropriate for the mode used.  The QSO can otherwise be as long or as short as you like.  This can include QSOs made during contests and nets.
  5. Callsign: You may claim QSOs using any callsign you are licenced to use during the marathon period.  You may also include QSOs you make using a branch or contest club callsign.
  6. Awards: A certificate will be sent to each Amateur who meets the Object as follows:
    • Bronze 50 days;
    • Silver 100 Days;
    • Gold 200 Days;
    • Platinum 250 Days
  7. Special Certificate Endorsements: Assuming you qualify for an award, you may if you wish request we endorse your certificate with any or all of:
    • Worked 100 DXCC Entities: The QSOs submitted show contacts with Amateurs in 100 or more DXCC entities.
    • Single Mode: All QSOs submitted must be any one of CW, SSB or a single Digital mode e.g. FT8.
    • QRP: All QSOs submitted must be 5W or less for CW or Digital, or 10W or less for SSB.
    • Single Band: All QSOs submitted must be on one band.

Endorsements are applied for when you submit your log.

    1. Judging: Geoff’s (ZL3GA) and/or Mark’s (ZL3AB) decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
    2. Logs: To be eligible you must submit a log with the following information:
    3. Your name, address, email address, callsign(s) used, the number of days you claim meet the Object and any endorsement you wish to apply for.
    4. A list of your claimed QSOs with the date and time, your callsign (where you submit a log with more than one callsign used) callsign of the station worked, band and signal report.
    5. Logs can be in any electronic format and must be submitted by email to zl3ga@nzart.org.nz by 3 January 2021. ADIF or Cabrillo formats preferred.  UTC time/date is preferred however logs may also be submitted using NZST or NZDST provided this is clearly identified.
    6. Paper logs will also be accepted by post to ZL3GA, 38A Sneyd Street, Kaiapoi 7630. Due to the tight deadline if you wish to post a paper log after the end of the marathon please contact Geoff (ZL3GA) at the email address above or by post prior to the end of the marathon so arrangements for log checking can be put in place.
    7. If you wish (and to add to the fun), send in your log at the end of each calendar month. This will allow some reporting in Break-In of how people are doing and encourage others! It will also spread the load for the organisers
    8. Results: will be published in the CQ DX column in Break-In